Custom Personalized Transformant™

Transformant™, our algorithmically transformed allasso concentrate, has from its inception been made with global automata that we've collected, optimized, and incubated in our P.S.I.O.™ supercomputer. These unique combinations of real and imaginary partials represent all of the actual and potential components of the world at large. By resolving the difference between randomly ever changing phase differentials, the standard version of Transformant™ becomes the agent of its own transformation and eventuates itself into existence. This uniquely structured water has worked perfectly for the general public by providing a wide range of resources for growth and change.

However, our dream has always been to make Transformant™ directly from a stated intention, in addition to the standard global version. That dream has recently come true with the design and construction of our proprietary supercomputer. We are now able to offer customized versions of Transformant™ made from the differentials between the actual and potential components of a person's stated intention. This new personalized version is very specific as it has resolved the differences in the intention, developed a plan of action and set of resources and used the incredible energy released to transform itself to a higher level of order. With regard to the stated intention, it has acknowledged the need to change, given up the resistance, removed the unwholesome blockages in the way, and stepped out to its next highest level of order through a change of state from liquid to vapor.


Instead of absorbing what is needed from the global automata used in the standard version, the customized version is full of your own personalized automata, the smallest, most indivisible components of your intention. Effecting change at this most primary level of reality can be true and lasting. Consuming this water can greatly enhance the elegant and efficient manifestation of your intentions.


1. Go to Submit Voice for information about sending a stated intention, or call an on-site location to set up and appointment to submit your voice/breath sample. The practitioner will process your voice, email the Aspire™ Spectral Essence Evalutation data and Harmonic Resolution™ biofeedback program, make and ship your personalized Transformant™, and call for a time to set up a phone consultation to discuss the data.

2. Download and install the Playback Software. This will allow you to view all of the data and experience all of the feedback on your computer.

3. Set up an appointment with the practitioner to review the spectral essence data and receive instructions on using the biofeedback program.

4. A 50ml bottle of standard Transformant™ is $65. Customized versions are $85 as they take more time to make and cause a lot of waste to purge the system between bottles. The initial voice evaluation is $125. After the intial spectral evaluation, subsequent bottles of customized Transformant can be purchased for $85, without the voice analysis charge.