Harmonic Analysis and Feedback Development


Whereas we attempt to place the major emphasis of Harmonic Resolution on the experience of it, we provide an analysis component as well. Finding the most harmonic signature with which to enhance a person's resonance requires that we have some data to base such decisions upon. In order to determine a person's current state and naturally occuring resonance it is necessary to obtain the answers to the following questions:

1. How much energy is currently available for use? (Normalized Magnitude) The magnitude is normalized for each individual so that microphone volume, closeness to the microphone, and amplitude of the voicing do not interfere. In other words, the highest magnitude partial is declared to be the 100% fundamental, with all others rated relative to it. This way, even magnitudes between different individuals can be compared.

2. How much unassigned energy is held within the reserve tank? (Reserve Energy)

3. What is the Real to Imaginary ratio? (R:I Ratio): The focus of attention toward the actual or potential...tangible or intangible.

4. What does the current Spectral Essence of the breath and voice look like? (Portacle)

5. What does the harmonized and optimized version of the Spectral Essence look like? (Matrices)

6. How are the Frequencies distributed? (Linear Frequency Distribution)

7. How is the Phase of each Frequency distributed? (Phase Distribution)

8. How is the Magnitude of each Frequency distributed? (Magnitude Distribution)

9. How is the Magnitude distributed throughout the Music Octave? (Octave Chart)

10. What is the Personality distribution of Body, Mind, and Spirit? (Spectral Essence Data Page)

11. What is the natural Transformation Sequence between Imaginary, Real, and Complex domains? (I:R:C)

12. What is the most appropriate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic feedback required to balance and optimize the current state? (Matrices, Aural Rendering, and Vibrotactile outputs)

The HRT parameter assigned to address each of these questions is shown listed above after each question. The data derived from these 12 queries constitutes the major essence of the Spectral Transform used to develop the most accurate and precise biofeedback required to bring the individual into more of a balanced and optimized state of being and doing.

There are basically five data pages currently employed in the Spectral Transform analysis component of HRT:

1. Control Page

2. Linear Distribution Page

3. Polar Distribution Page

4. Octave Distribution Page

5. Spectral Essence Distribution Page

Below is an example of the Control Page from an actual HRT session. This page shows the 12 Matrices choices, an enlarged view of the chosen Matrix, Matrix orientation, Dynamic flow, Visual depth, Aural and Tactile renderings, Portacle view, Normalized Magnitude, R:I ratio, and access to the other Data pages. As these additional pages are detailed elsewhere within the HRT Session Graphic, they will not be reviewed here.


As can be seen, also on the Control Page is access to Processing New Voicing, an option available for those who purchase licenses to do so. The Full Spectrum Harmonic Reinforcement option allows one to hear all of the frequencies of the Universal Rhythm of the Great Diesis that are missing from their essence.

All of these data pages and options are available on the Free Download Version of HRT offered on our website at http://www.harmonicresolution.com/HRTSetup.exe.