The Order of the Great Diesis ™ is an independent organization of like-minded individuals dedicated to the research, development and application of transformative technologies. The hierarchy of our organization is based solely on degree of participation and not adherence to creeds, codes, or successfully completed levels of attainment. We support the aims and goals of all scientific, philosophical, and religious works that attempt to unify rather than separate.

The essence of our mission is revealed in our name and logo. The Great Diesis is a ratio that bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds...illustrates the relationship between relative diversity and absolute unity...and resolves the difference between actual and potential reality. In human experience, this ratio manifests any time there is an attempt to "square the circle"...a geometrical function that defines the relationship between imperfect and perfect forms like squares and circles of equal volume. There is a slight difference between these two worlds that is best expressed in music theory.

Western music scales are conveniently "tempered" or stretched to make the octave double in frequency with each progression for ease of use, but the natural octave of the Universal Rhythm does not exactly do comes up short by a small fraction known in music theory as the Great Diesis...a tiny ratio mathematically expressed as 125:128. Spreading this slight difference across the twelve notes of the equal temperament scale stretches them just enough to make the octave double in frequency so that transposition from one octave to the next on a musical instrument is made easy.

As a time-based ratio, it allows for smooth transition between the temporal and spectral domains and resolves differentials between analog and digital vector processing. While human action takes place in the temporal domain of relative time, all possible outcomes of such action are concealed within the spectral domain of frequency or relative vibration. The Great Diesis facilitates transition between these two domains and provides a foundation for the various products and services we offer around the world.

Converted to frequency, this ratio provides a universal fundamental for all periodic wave phenomenon such as sound. In other words, it is a number that ties us all together as whole number ratios of the universal rhythm and allows therapies based on enhancing what's right about an individual rather than fixing what's wrong.

The roots of the word Diesis come from both Greek and Latin and means..."to let go, send through, or release". Composers have traditionally used the double dagger symbol to score it in music notation because of its implication of release of tension. Our use of it implies our desire to help others release the tension created in their lives because things don't always come together like they resolve the differences between their actual and potential selves...and to send through or stretch themselves to higher and more complex levels of order, unity, and purity, the essence of holiness.

The Order of the Great Diesis ™ maintains an educational and interactive website, which provides forums for discussion and functions as a clearinghouse for information about, research on, and resourcing of transformational technologies. To become an affiliate member of our group, please visit and join one of the public forums offered there. Additional information about our organization can also be found at the following links: