Aspire™ Spectral Essence Evaluation and Harmonic Resolution™ Natural Resonance Biofeedback represent the state of the art in light, sound and vibrational therapy, particularly those that utilize human breath and voice as the input biometric.

innerSense and psiometrics are now seeking qualified professionals as practitioners of this cutting edge technology. Accepted individuals or companies are listed in our website directory of on-site locations where these technologies can be experienced.

Our membership benefits include:

1. Admission to one of the most unique and talented concordance of vibrational and transformational scientists on the planet. Your membership and participation in our group of researchers and therapists will greatly benefit both you and everyone else involved.

2. A patent-pending natural resonance biofeedback software program (Harmonic Resolution™) that allows you to do real-time binaural phasing of actual and potential for your clients on-site with the ability to send them home with the full program so that they can continue the process at home for a few weeks or until success is achieved.

3. A registered license to process voicings on our world-class supercomputer directly from your office or studio anytime you like, day or night. With this program (Aspire™) you will be able to evaluate a person's spectral essence and assist them in rearrangment and reassembly to a higher level of order.

4. A proprietary high-definition breath and voice recorder with real-time graphics, clipping eliminator and balanced A/D conversion.

5. Initial training and on-going assistance with technical problems, data evaluation, session protocols, music therapy, light-sound-vibrational therapies and virtual reality.

6. Access to periodic internet and on-site workshops for continuing education and product/service updates. (There are fees for some of these).

7. Participation in our on-going research into vibration and the science of automata (the phase domain).



The following pieces of hardware are required. If you do not already have these items, you will need to purchase them locally or directly from InnerSense. A typical system costs around $2500. These are minimum requirements:

1. 2 GHz Pentium 4 PC processor with at least 333 Mhz. and 128 Mb Memory

2. Windows Operating System (Windows ME, 2000, Vista, and 7)

3. 24 bit Energy Compliant True Color Monitor

4. High Quality Sound Card with balanced A/D conversion

5. 40 Gb Hard Drive.

6. 3 USB, 1 Parallel, 1 Serial and 1 PS2 Ports, 3 PCI and 1 AGP expasion slots.

7. 56K Modem with 10/100 Ethernet. A broadband Internet connection is better.

5. Reference Quality Microphone with Pop Filter

6. High Quality Stereo Headphones

7. CD-RW Player/Recorder

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (Not required but enhances the experience)

1. Vibrotactile table, chair or bed like the VibraSound® WaveTable, Zero-G™ Chair, or TransPortable™ Massage Table. This allows the client to feel the sounds and feedback in every cell of their body. ($2995-$12500)

2. Light, Sound and Vibration Device (Sensorium™) that synchronizes the visual system into the experience, creates a mind-blowing light show and allows eyes-closed lucid dream like experiences. ($695)

3. 3D Virtual Reality Glasses or Monitor. Allows the client to see the computer screen while laying on a chair, table or bed. Can also be used with high-def 3D video. ($600-$2500)

4. Aroma-therapy dispensor and atomizer. ($65)

5. Stereo System for Music Therapy. ($200 up)


1. Fee-based License

    • $480 up-front one-time fee
    • $25 per process billed quarterly
    • $50 annual registration fee
    • Option to upgrade to the Free-Processing License
    • Credit Card required to be on file for billing purposes.

    2. Free-Processing License

    • $3000 up-front one-time fee (No processing fees)
    • $50 annual registration fee
    • Option to upgrade to the Real-Time System



The microphone used in the HRT process is of utmost importance as it is the device that actually collects the signature, and must therefore be of relatively high quality.   A “Reference Standard” microphone is suggested for greatest accuracy and precision, especially in the low frequency range.  Currently, the SoundField microphone is our standard of reference for group and/or environmental voicings, but Rhode, Shure and others make acceptable ones for individual recordings.



Because the HRT process incorporates the idea of binaural beats and phasing, headphones are preferred over speakers.  Speakers are acceptable for those who have a good base of experience with binaural phasing, as speakers in an open environment actually allow for more permutations of real and imaginary to become manifest.  However, they do not force the brain into resolving the difference.



Computer screens have the advantage of being less expensive and better resolution.  Head-mounted displays (virtual reality glasses) have the advantage of supine positioning and better immersion.  VR glasses work very well for those users with vibrotactile platforms such as the VibraSound®.  However, they are much more expensive and have less resolution than a computer monitor.  Monitors can be mounted above a platform, but this too is bulky and costly.


We recommend the use of a virus utility program to insure Internet safety and security.  Whereas many programs exist, a suitable one is obtainable at www.McAfee.com, which constantly updates via the Internet.


 Program does not run after installation: uninstall and re-install as shown above. Client’s name is not in the session window on the control page:  make sure the session folder is in the c:\Harmonic Resolution\matrices folder. If you have further problems, please contact (310) 828-7714 or post your question at www.inner.vu (you must first register at this site online in order to post questions and participate in the forums).