The Boundary between Self and Not-Self

The prevailing explanation currently used by physicists to describe the nature of matter, called string theory, implies that all material things are made up of incredibly small vibrating strings, and just like those of a musical instrument, each one has different vibrational characteristics.  Short fine strings vibrate faster than longer and coarser ones.  The higher vibrations ride on the scaffolding of the lower frequencies piggyback style.

These strings are woven together by thought into the membranes of our body like the threads of an expensive fabric.  The membranes then fold over and enclose themselves into the cells, organs and skin of our body.  Each of these enclosures represents a resonant cavity that vibrates at specific frequencies based on the characteristics of the membranes and cavities (volume, density, hardness, etc.).  These barriers surround the body’s various energy fields and secure and protect them.  Everything inside a boundary is self, while everything outside is not self.  When our physical and emotional boundaries are intact, we’re healthier, happier, and more prepared to deal with life’s stressing drains and invasions.

The strings are supported and held together by our thoughts.  Failing to get the proper nutrition, exercise, and rest, or making other bad and unwholesome choices, can cause strings to disappear from the tissues, allowing them to unravel.  Continued mistreatment can result in tears and holes, just like in a favorite pair of over-washed and worn jeans.  This allows ions, gases, other vital nutrients and good energies to leak out and, in addition, permits pathogenic organisms, dangerous chemicals, and other destructive things to get in.  The body then has to mount an offensive action against the invader by increasing the immune response, which requires even more energy.  Doesn’t it make more sense to prevent invasion as opposed to attacking intruders?  Thick, dense, and impenetrable membranes with lots of interlaced frequencies are the key to perfect physical health.

Although these holes are the first stage of all physical disease, the initial cause, is unwholesome thinking as our thoughts are the frequencies.  When we stress out and tense up (shortening the strings) the frequency rises and the lowest frequencies disappear, along with all the higher ones riding on them.  But when we relax and let go (loosen the strings) the low frequencies return. 

If we get too relaxed and become bored and disinterested in life (no tension on the strings) they become weak and limp and cannot sustain vibration.  On the other hand, if we become excited or inspired (tightening the strings) in a harmonic way, the high frequencies can rise to infinity.  In other words being relaxed, but excited and inspired at the same time, increases the frequency carrying capabilities of our bodies, and therefore, the integrity of our membranes.

The solution to rips in the body fabric seems to be simple replacement of the missing frequencies.  However, this is not possible because the body will not absorb them.  This is the reason they are not present in the first place.  The body will not tune to these channels.  However, all living organisms have some degree of harmony, no matter how sick they might be, because total dissonance would be the equivalent of death.  Enhancing and amplifying this naturally present harmony, while removing the noise and dissonance also present, increases resonance.

Enhancing the harmony or resonance of the body multiplies the number of frequencies called overtones.  Plucking a guitar string sets up an ascending cascade of overtones that quickly die out as the string returns to rest.  However, bowing a violin string allows these harmonics to ascend to infinity as long as the string is being drawn.  This example shows that the more resonant and coherent something is the more overtones or partials it contains.  Therefore, improving the harmonic resonance of the body can result in increased coherency, which fills in any holes present in the membranes.  This raises the energy level and helps the mind gain new perspective by improving the clarity of thought.

The resonant cavities of the body such as the gut, lungs, trachea, throat, and nasal passages produce vibrational signatures, similar to the resounding chambers of guitars, which give them each a unique personal tone even though they all use similar strings.  By obtaining a voice sample and processing it with a special supercomputer, the resonant frequencies of the body can be determined, collected and fed back to the body via the visual, auditory, and vibrotactile sensory inputs.  This integrates the information into literally trillions of cell sites simultaneously, and drives the body and brain at their own natural resonance.

In addition, the voice contains both manifested and un-manifested components.  Everything we’ve ever said and done has manifested into the real world, as our health, reputation, finances etc.  However, our aspirations are not so tangible and as yet have not become real.  These intangible components are referred to as imaginary which the supercomputer can distinguish from the real.  In other words there is a difference between the actual self and the potential self.  Many of the problems humans have stem from imbalances in these two selves.  Bio-Resonance assists in restoring balance by feeding back the actual components to the left-brain and the potential components to the right brain, urging the brain into resolving any differences between these two realities as beat frequencies that can be seen, heard, and felt in every cell of the body.  Such resolution leads to whole brain synchrony, balanced energy fields, and eventually Harmonic Transformation.

Harmonic Resolution Therapy supports, enhances, and amplifies whatever harmony is already naturally present by capturing and feeding it back to the recipient via all of their major sensory mechanisms simultaneously with a multi-sensory presentation platform called VibraSound® VR.  This experience synchronizes the senses, calms the nerves, enhances resonance, and provides inspiration through music and virtual reality.

i-drops consist of 16 million partials of the Great Diesis that can be used to fill in the harmonic templates of the body's membranes.