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Thank you for your participating in our global voice concordance.  These are the instructions for Internet processing of Aspire™ Spectral Essence Evaluation and Harmonic Resolution™ Biofeedback.

These programs can be run on either a PC or Mac computer.  However, while Mac computers will run the playback software, they will only allow access to the spectral essence page.  A PC formatted computer is required to see the linear, polar, music chart data pages.

Minimum Computer Requirements:

1.   Pentium PC operating at 333 MHz with Windows 98. or Mac with OS X10.

2.  128 Mb Of Memory with

3.  24 Bit True Color Monitor

4.  CD Rom Player

5.  Reference Quality Microphone (Blu Snowflake - Purchase at

6.  Stereo Headphones

7. Broadband Internet Connection

Call (310) 828-7714 and leave the credit card you want charged for your session. The price is $125 U.S. for the Aspire Spectral Evaluation and Harmonic Resolution Feedback CD, and phone consultation, and $85 + $15 shipping for a bottle of customized Transformant. Or alternatively, you can make your payment via Paypal at and use as the recipient.

The phone consultation explains what the spectral evaluation means and will be scheduled after your voice is processed. You will receive a code name and password to download a set of files from our website that you will need to complete the process. If you pay by PayPal, you'll need to call the number above afterwards to get the code and password. You will need the following information:

Credit card number (MasterCard or Visa only unless PayPal is used), name and billing address on the account, security number (last three digits in the signature bar on the back of the card), phone number to schedule the phone consultation and email address you want the session folder to be returned to.

In order to maintain consistency in processing this process requires the use of a certified high quality microphone called the Blue™ Snowflake. You can order the Snowflake online from any of a large number of sources.  The best deal can currently be found at You should receive the microphone in a couple of days.

1. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it Harmonic Resolution. Put all of the files you are going to download into this folder so that you can find them quickly. Go to You will be asked for the code name and password you received when you called. This is a set of files you will need to download into the harmonic resolution folder you created on you desktop.

  • - a processing environment required to run our proprietary software that must be installed first before anything else.
  • Submit Voice.doc - instructions for submitting a stated intention for analysis (this document).
  • - our proprietary HD realtime display voice recorder.
  • Playback Instructions.doc - instructions for experiencing the feedback on your computer.
  • HRTSetup.exe - PC version of the playback software that will allow you to see and hear the feedback on your computer.
  • HRmac.sit - Mac version of the playback sofware that will allow you to see and hear the feedback on your computer.
  • Transformant Protocol - Instructions for using Transformant, how to get the most from it, and what to pay attention to while using it.
  • Harmonic Transformation Protocol #7 - Detailed instructions for formal application of harmonic resolution to acheive allasso, transformation from evolutionary material creature into existential spiritual essence.

2. Right click on and save the file to your desktop.  Double click it to install it.  An icon called maxruntime.mfx will appear in the folder with a 5 on it. If for some reason it does not install, you may need to do a search for WinZip in order to unzip the file.  You can find free trial versions of WinZip online from a wide range of sources. You can keep maxruntime on your desktop or move it, but remember where you put it if you do move it.

3. When that's complete, download and unzip the file named Right click on and save to the folder on your desktop.  Double click the file to install it.  An icon will appear on your desktop called psiocorder.mfx with a 5 on the icon.  If for some reason it does not install, you may need to do a search for WinZip in order to unzip the file.  You can find free trial versions of WinZip online from a wide range of sources.

4. Double click on psiocorder™ to open it.  You will be asked for the password you received when you purchased the psiocorder. See the image below to see what to look for.  Click on "Mode: Playback" to switch to the sampling mode (clicking on playback or sampling switches it back and forth between listening to the recording or recording it.)

psiocorder voice recorder

5. Click on the tilde (~) key while holding down the shift button of your PC.  An audio control panel appears.  Make sure that the Audio is ON and that the microphone input is set to the Blue Snowflake.  Also make sure that the sampling rate is 32000, 48000, or 96000.  Close the audio control panel.

6. Speak into your microphone and check the displays below the buttons for signal activity.  Make sure that you are seeing your voice in the displays. The volume indicator is in between the top two displays.  There is a built in clip limiter.  If you have the volume too high and it significantly clips the recorder, the volume indicator will lock down and not allow you to proceed. You must then click Stop, then Open, choose the same filename again and re-save it before clicking Record to record the sample.  Make sure that you are getting maximum volume without clipping.

7. Click the "Open" button to get the file dialog window and, using the "save in drop-down menu”, choose desktop.

8. Enter your desired file name with a .wav extension in the box below the Waves directory listing and click "Save" to activate the record button.

9. You are now ready to make your stated intention (see below for instructions on voicing).  When you click "Record" to sample the voicing, the button caption will change to "Stop".  When you are finished speaking click Stop, and it will automatically save the file.

10.Click "Mode: Sampling" to switch back to playback mode, "Open" the sound file you've just recorded and click "Play" to preview.  Make sure that it recorded your voice.

11. Find the .wav file you just saved.  It should be on your desktop if that is where you directed it to save the file. 

12. Email that file to us at  We will process the sample, email your session folder, make and ship your customized Transformant (if ordered) and call to make an appointment to review your results by phone.

13. Download the other files at into the harmonic resolution folder on your desktop. You may have to download them one at a time depending upon the speed of your server. You do not need both playback software files. Download only the one that matches your PC or Mac computer. With only one playback software you should have a total of seven files in your harmonic resolution folder.

14. For more information or assistance, please call (310) 828-7714.



Most of the information about who you are is contained within your name.  However, since we know that this process works to enhance what’s right rather than fix what’s wrong, it makes sense that we would take advantage of that and have you make a statement that we can enhance upon.  The most powerful statement a person can make about themselves is who they are as an optimal person.  In other words, who they aspire to be, or who they would be if they had everything that they wanted. 

This is what we refer to as a person’s manner of being and manner of doing.  A person’s manner of being is how they “be” in the world, their perceptions of life, their state of mind and how they treat themselves.

Their manner of doing is how they act in the world, how they treat everyone else and how they spend the energies of their lives.  How would your manner of being and doing change if you had everything you wanted?  Who would you be as a person?

This is that small part of you that has already harmonized…the thing that makes you different and better than most others at that specific thing.  Many people will say they feel uncomfortable saying that they are all that, but the truth is, they are already a small part, a speck of it.  It is not a lie to say that you ARE that, because you are going to say it with full acknowledgment that you are perhaps mostly something else. 

So, it’s usually best to make an I AM statement.  Alternatively, you can make a statement with your name and a specific intention.

1. Get into a quiet place where there is limited noise.  Place the microphone on a solid surface so that it cannot move or slide.  Try not to hold the microphone, or if you do, be careful not to rub it.  Instead hold it very still.  Try not to bang it into things, cough or make other sound artifacts while you are recording.

2. Using the instructions above in installation, prepare the psiocorder™ to record your voice.  When you are ready to speak, press RECORD.  The recorder will begin to record your voice.

3. You sample can be as long or short as you wish. psiocorder™ will continue to record until there is no more disk space available on your computer.  However, it is usually better to keep the statement short and straight to the point.

4. There is no pressure to get it right the first time.  You can start over again as many times as you like.  To start over, click STOP.  Then click OPEN and select the file you named earlier out of the list and click SAVE.  psiocorder™ will then return to the RECORD mode.  When you are ready to speak click RECORD, and then click STOP when you are finished talking.  The file will automatically save to the location you specified when you named the file.

5. DO NOT READ YOUR STATEMENT!  If you read the statement it will reveal mostly the potential part but without much of the actual.  If you have to write your statement down to get it clear, you may look at it from time to time, but after looking at it, close your eyes and try to say it with feeling.  Then you can look at it again before closing your eyes to speak it with passion.

6. Do not append or change the file in any way after you have clicked STOP.  Do not try to remove a bad section.  Resample if you need to get a better file.

7. Find the wav file and email it to us at or as detailed above in installation instructions.  We will process it, make and ship your personalized Transformant (if ordered), email your playback software and session data and call to make an appointment to review your Aspire™ Spectral Essence Evaluation™ by phone.

8. If you have any questions please call (310) 828-7714 for assistance.