“I have had the great pleasure of experiencing InnerSense’s various technologies on more than one occasion.  I find that their approach to resolving conflict is revolutionary in its approach and, along with many others, consider it to be a leading edge technology.  Since 1992, I have personally been in the research and development of water based products spanning a range of applications including health and beauty, as well as, expansion of conscious awareness and performance enhancement.  Transformant™ has been a source of inspiration for me, and I incorporate it into many of my products.  I highly recommend this technology to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves. There are only a handful of people who have the kind of insights on reality, technology and possibility that Don Estes possesses”…Ed Japngie, Founding Director of t4M Technologies, Inc., a company dedicated to bioenergetic technologies(http://www.lifebeatproducts.com).


"The problem starts with the fact that we as physicians are trained to attack the disease as opposed to being in support of the patient.  We can support the patient with lifestyle changes, nutraceuticals, herbs, homeopathy, and other forms of energy medicine, but we can also support our patients by helping them find their true self. 

This is where Transformant is of greatest value.  As water is the carrier of information, intent is the passion of that information.  Transformant™ is created by the algorithmic transformation of water into gas and back into water; thus it is the transformer of intentional information.  It allows the duality of consciousness - the real and the imaginary - to be realigned and expressed.  Here is a great tool to allow each of us to find our own truth"...Dr. Michael Galitzer, M.D., Bioenergy Medicine Author, Lecturer and Practitioner. Dr. Galitzer is the Founding Director of the American Health Institute, a world leader in BioEnergertic Anti-Aging technologies and services, Los Angeles, California.


"Transformant™ provides the potential to access universal intelligence and provides the ability to navigate the challenges of an unenlightened world. InnerSense has discovered the meaning of life and created a substance which, when used properly, will guide the user through the maze of disparity and deliver them to a dimension in which peace, harmony, enlightenment, joy, and complete satisfaction coexist. Even the casual user will benefit from its use and will realize that we are all connected in a ways that each of us benefits from.

Science of this type is rarely experienced, and for those who believe that we are more than our observable form, this is a panacea. I have experienced it’s potential and believe that I am a better human as a result. I only wish that others could experience what I have come to understand as one of the most important discoveries of our time. This work deserves a Nobel Prize, and those who benefit from it should do everything in their power to see that it is recognized for its genius"...Dr. Michael Borkin, NMD (NM, AP, DC and OM Certified) - The Father of Naturopathic Endocrinology, Past President of the California Naturapathic Medical Association, Alternative Medicine Hall of Fame recipient and Founding Director of Sabre Sciences, Inc., a leader in nanoendocrinology, Carlsbad, California.


"One of the most amazing concepts I have ever seen"...Dr. Donald Guess, DMD - Pioneer in Capital Accumulation and Distribution, originator of Xelan Planning Philosophy and Director of The Enterprise (an international organization dedicated to transforming the world through integrative medicine, San Diego, California.


"Water is the matrix of consciousness and serves as the best bridge between the higher dimensions and our physical world. The highly advanced technologies used to make Transformant represent the leading edge process for combining conscious intention with water. The flow of consciousness and expression of life force become so resonant that there is a great physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cleansing, and an enhancement of wisdom and intellect, which leads to optimal states of being and performance"...Dr. Enrico Melson, MD, DNM, MPH, FACPM, DAAPM, MHT, MBEP - World leader in Global Integrative Medicine, Los Angeles, California.


Transformant can help solidify the experience of transformation. We use it to support and enhance the work that we are doing with out clients...Dr. Roopa Chari, MD, and Deepak Chari, MS, Directors of The Chari Center for Health, Asheville, North Carolina.


"Transformant™ is the highest spiritual technology on planet earth"...Gwendolyn Awen Jones, - Medical Intuitive, Author and Lecturer, Angels of Light and Healing Publishers, Palm Springs, California.


"Don Estes Transformant water has served me well. It has allowed a shift in reality for me that is difficult to explain yet entirely profound. Ihave become more real, more focussed and ultimately more successful. We at Anu Water are considering it's use as an additive, and it is a decision I personally support....Bengt Robbert, Founding Director, Anu Water, LLC


"Transformant™ allows me to give dedicated support my clients even when I am not in their presence. It expands my therapy by enhancing the change that I am trying to bring about"..,James Hopson, licensed Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Medical Astrologer and Brain State Technology Practitioner - Founding Director of The Inspiring Health Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


"Every professional vocalist has those one or two songs they dread because of certain notes that are hard to reach night after night. One dropper of Transformant™ and boom, those notes are just there, with more precision and power with energy to spare. It seems to fill in the breaks and enables me to master my performance. I will no longer sing without it"...Jaime Segel - Professional Singer and Vocal Trainer, Santa Monica, California.


"I am not the same person that I was a year ago when I started taking Transformant™. My life has improved on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It seems to enhance everything I bring it into relationship with. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to transcend the mundane realities of life and ascend to the next highest level"...Dee Kaplan, Sales Manager for , Marina del Rey, California.


"My viewpoint on life has expanded and I feel much more alive and vibrant"...Berta Montalvo - User from Florida.


"The water really changed my vibration. It gives me lots of energy and opens up my creativity. I would not go a day without it"...Alina Pantera - User from Florida.


"Transformant™ helps me to remember how precious life is and not to waste it. It helps me to think before I act and remember that I am responsible for my own reality. Troubles do not disappear, but the energy drain they usually cause does. Time seems unimportant and I find myself being more aware of the present moment and the good things in life that come from inside. I become more compassionate and understanding of others. Transformant™ provides unbroken communion with my higher self and keeps me extremely appreciative of life. It helps me see the big picture"...Don Estes, MS. MT. Founding Director of InnerSense, Inc. and Co-developer of Transformant™.