Transformation via the Human Algorithm

The hallmarks of transformation are change and growth. It is quite simply the process of evolution of the physical into the spiritual.  Mind is the complex domain associative force that reconciles these two seemingly opposite realities.The greatest challenge life has to offer is to become true to one's inner self. The best things in life come from this Innerspace, but it's not always easy to find. With so much external stimulation it's sometimes difficult to turn the focus of attention inward. As the young narrator of Steven Spielberg’s new TV mini-series "taken" so aptly remarked..."it's like trying to find your way back from what you've become to who you know you could have been." Transformation means various things to many different people. In our case we are talking about the kind of transformation that allows one to ultimately transcend the state of mere mortal and become something more than a human being. This is a long process and does not usually happen quickly. The good news is that once transformation has been achieved and the change is integrated into one's remains. Human transformation is the goal of our work.

Human Transformation

Transcending Human...becoming more than human...progressing from imperfect evolutionary creature into a perfected existential reality...changing from one state into another, from one manner of being and doing into a new manner of being and doing...ascending to a higher level of order.

Most of us have something that we would change if we could. A better job, new house, improved relationship.... And these desires will continue until we actualize our full potential. Sometimes we are not who we claim ourselves to be and therefore must put up fronts, guard against exposure, and cover up our shortcomings, unwholesome-ness, and failures. This type of defensive posturing uses up a lot of good energy that could be appropriated more efficiently elsewhere.

The tension that is created by this polarity results in fear, anxiety, paranoia, and loss of direction, all of which can further lead to bad health, lack of success, and dissatisfaction with life. Feelings of love, peace, connectedness, universal security, and overwhelming ecstasy are not easy to come by when the focus of attention is on the outer world. Only by returning to Innerspace can such experience be found.

Although many techniques have been developed to treat the symptoms caused by the difference between our manifested and un-manifested selves, nothing short of true harmonic transformation can have a lasting effect.

The solution to this challenge is to become whole, pure and unified...your true self, defined as...not divided or disjoined but in one unit...not wounded, injured, or impaired, but sound and not lacking any parts...a complete thing of uniform composition, not mixed, free from harmonic accord, without discordant entity made up from interrelated parts with singleness and constancy of purpose and action. 

In other words, in order to become our true selves we must first rid ourselves of all unwholesomeness...the thoughts, expressions, and actions…or non-action that keep us from manifesting what we want out of life. Accomplishing this goal stops the hurt, frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, hatred, and pain that continually show up in life to help teach us that we ourselves are responsible for actualizing our full potential.

There are two types of change. Everyone is familiar with the "natural growth" of a seed to plant or child to adult...evolution from a simple form into a more complex one. The only other type of growth is "harmonic transformation". In order for this to occur, the tension that exists between our actual and potential selves must be resolved. Whereas natural growth occurs without effort, transformation requires the elements of choice and action. In addition to this active pursuit, harmonic transformation requires adequate resources and the dedicated support of others involved in one's life. An example of active pursuit is your reading this paper. Our promise to support you is an example of dedicated support. The only other requirements are the proper tools and adequate resources necessary to help make the transition more efficient and elegant.

Results of Transformation

Peak Experience: Alert but Relaxed...Secure but Inspired...Encircuited.

Reassemblage of Oneself...Change...Growth toward Perfection.

Transcendence of Human to Spirit Domain.

Purpose: Finding Meaning and Direction in Life.

Sensory Resonance: Turning Threat into Challenge...Perceptual mindstate modification.

Purification: Drives out all Unwholesomeness.

Actualization of Potential...becoming the True Self via Purification over Time.

Expansion of Unit of Time Perspective.

Unity of all the various parts.  Establishes an Origin of Certainty...making one a radiating source of harmony.  One becomes an Oscillator rather than just a Resonator  (see

Health, Happiness, Success, Progress, Change, Growth, Perfection

Requirements for Transformation

The properties of these vibrations reduce from complex frequency, magnitude and phase to a single unified parametric measurement of either real or imaginary orientation. These smallest most indivisible components of reality are automatous partials of manifestation...parametric agents of change that represent the formative elements of reality, and contain within themselves the secret to the creation of one's own reality. Since these formative elements remain enshrouded in potential before they combine and materialize in our time domain, and their actualization is controlled by choice, willing change is the equivalent of "setting up the future". Iterating these choices over and over again by feeding the results back into the input is the essence of learning, growth, and evolution.

An individual's automatous essence lies concealed deep within the vibrational signature of their chronobiological metabolic cycles like brainwaves, heartbeats, and breaths. To access it, it is necessary to bridge the gap between the time and spectral domains. We do so with an alogorithm...a set of detailed instructions that must be carried out in a particular order to attain a given result. The function of algorithm is that of effecting change in accordance with the procedural and behavioral definition embodied within the formal rendering of the algorithm, in our case...harmonic resolution.

The complete Human Algorithm would encompases every instruction required for the proper functioning of all three levels of human reality...physical, mental, and spiritual. The algorithm used in HRT is a 22 step segment of the total called the Algorithm of Human Transformation . This algorithm basically separates real from imaginary, optimizes them, and uses them to produce multisensory feedback designed to resolve any imbalances. Other algorithms are utilized for the production of i-drops™ and Harmonic Reinforcement CDs.