Association of Absolute and Relative Reality

Grand Unification of Real and Imaginary

Order versus Chaos

This paper was written to more clearly define the absolute concepts of unity, duality, and triunity that so permeate many of the other papers on this site (such as those mentioned above), as well as, our products and services.

Obviously, the goal of all harmonic purpose is unity. Even relative diversity can be unified through harmony, such as can be witnessed in music, where all the different notes are harmonized by a unifying fundamental keynote. However, the concepts of opposite dualities and associative triunities are just as important for understanding the true nature of reality, the science of vibration, and the art of manifesting one's own experience...creating one's own reality.

Our basic tenent is that the universe is full of eternal values that are concealed within the potential of what scientists now call the imaginary frequency domain...that realm of all possibilities where objects and events are seen as a manifold collection of vibrations that make up their form.

All universe energy flows from potential into manifestation via conservation of eternal value. In human terms this is called the actualization of potential, as each reality materializes from a sea of possibilities limited only by its present capacity. With regard to human transformation, we call this process...harmonic resolution.

Universal Potential = Eternal Value - Entropy of Information

The nature of reality is triuneevery thought, expression, action and manifestation is composed from two absolute opposites balanced and resolved by a third associative member. Whereas the opposites (and their associatives) are in and of themselves absolute, all manifested reality that lying in between are relative. Such is the state of our universe. The relative vibrational spectrum lying in-between the absolutes of zero and infinity represents the entirety of manifested reality. Every manifested reality in the universe is a "complex frequency" composed of a manifold of singular "simple frequencies". Each of these parts relates to the whole and all other parts by its relative rate of vibration. These individual frequencies, which we call partials, represent the smallest indivisible parts of the whole.

As most religions already know, the primary triunity of reality is the whole versus the parts...the I am One versus the I am All. The tension created between these two great absolutes manifests itself as the universal rhythm or spectrum of vibrations that we know as the electromagnetic spectrum. Less commonly known is the fact that the electromagnetic spectrum is a continuum that ranges all the way from zero to infinity. Electromagnetism (EM) is just one manifestation of this vast spectrum. A full cycle begins in infinity with an unqualified absolute of quantum action and then progressively slows down as it passes through its other manifestations as Induction, Magnetism, Electricity, Radiation, Light, Chemistry, Heat, Sono-thermism, Sound, Power, and returns to the qualified absolute of gravity. The "missing link" in physics that unifies gravity with quantum mechanics is the associative absolute of consciousness...E = MC2 = Consciousness.

The nature of this universal rhythm is very dynamic and ever changing as the energy cycles around the two poles. Science has begun to recognize these two great absolutes as quantum action and gravity, which manifest respectively as chaos and order. Whereas the scientific term for chaos is entropy, its opposite...negative entropy is used to represent order. It is now an accepted scientific fact that the universe is presently in a state of entropy or breakdown. This is validated by the astronomical observation that the universe is expanding and spreading apart. There is much disagreement, however, as to the eventual outcome of this unwinding.

Opinions are divided between those who believe the expansion and energy loss will continue until the universe just burns itself out, and others who think that it will eventually reverse direction and begin an inward contraction ultimately resulting in another so-called big bang. However, it is also a known fact that as the potential of the universe is shrinking, Order is rising to higher and higher levels as evolution progresses. In other words, Information is being conserved and stored over time leading to increased order, while at the same time, the potential inherent in the universe is being used up. Such is true for each Individual as well as for the Whole. The entire universe and all of its inhabitants are under a constant dynamic flux while potential is being actualized.

The human body is a good example of an actual manifestation. It has been actualized over a period of time by everything that its owner has thought, expressed, and acted on...everything they have eaten, drank, and inhaled...all that they have been and done. On the other hand, for most individuals, there is still some level of potential left within them that has not yet materialized. A person's actual self manifests as their manner or state of being, while the remaining potential reveals itself in their manner or rule of doing. The purpose of life is the actualization of one's potential.

The cosmos and all of the individual's within it are therefore called "non-equilibrium" objects... material-izations that exist in an unbalanced state cycling between order and chaos. As the concept of harmony has been associated with order and dissonance with chaos, it is important to note that neither extreme is the appropriate one for a human being to exclusively exist in. Harmony pulls things together, whereas Dissonance pushes them apart. Seen in this context it is easy to see how an unwanted tumor is an example of too much harmony...too much coming together. In addition, it becomes obvious that dissonance can sometimes bring about periods of relative stability and calmness as the two reactants move further and further apart. Stuck in the middle of this strange cycle is the dance we call life...ever cycling from order to chaos to higher levels of order, only once again, to return to chaos...and the cycle just keeps going. In and out...in and out...back and forth between the two great absolutes.

This encircuitment reveals itself in the aspiration of the whole as well as in the individuals. The dreaded expansion of space is nothing more or less than space respiration...the universal breath of the one. As we inhale and exhale, the way we take in, respond to, and put back out this cosmic breath reveals our manner of being and doing...our state and rule space...our very essence.

Members of the Order of the Great Diesis, utilize this knowledge to create transformational technologies that assist humans in unification of their real and imaginary selves, actualization of potential, balance of order and chaos, and realization of the Absolute.